English Menu

English Menu


Fish sashimi of the day and red prawns 25,00

Marinated red tuna, steamed snow peas, red pepper mayonnaise and red onion in salt 18,00

Cooked and raw amberjack tataki, mussel tartare, olive oil emulsion and lemon 18,00

Beef tartare, chives and mustard mayonnaise 16,00


First Courses

Spaghetti, mussels, squid, yellow cherry tomatoes and bottarga powder 16,00

Potatoes gnocchi, shrimp, squid, clams and peas 16,00

Bottoni pasta stuffed, Caciocavallo cheese, mackerel fish, lumpfish roe 15,00

Home-made Tagliatelle with ragù bolognese 13,00


Second courses

Croaker, yellow tomato cream, spring onion wrapped in speck and red tomato crumble 23,00

Fillet of sea bass, clams stew and datterini tomatoes 23,00

Octopus, sauteed spinach and cheese crumble 22,00

Angus steak with Maldon salt flakes 19,00

Mixed salad 6,00

Mixed seasonal vegetables 9,00



Gianduja truffle, chocolate sauce and raspberry sauce 7,00

  Yogurt foam, mango jelly, figs and puffed chocolate 7,00

Homemade custard ice cream 6,00

Lemon sorbet 6,00

Cream semifreddo and berries 6,00

Vanilla scented crème brûlée 7,00

Creamy salted caramel, ricotta, cocoa sponge and candied orange 8,00