English Menu

English Menu


Beef tartare, raspberry vinegar gel, chicory, mixed salad, raspberries and black sesame wafer 19,00

Veal sweetbreads, artichokes, blue cheese and parmesan crumble 21,00

Marinated and seared tuna, scapece zucchini, red tomato, roasted spring onion and tomato water 19,00

Roasted scallops, fennel cream, asparagus, lumpfi sh roe, glasswort and crunchy almonds 22,00

First Courses

Home-made Tagliatelle with ragù bolognese 16,00

Botton Pasta stuff ed with cacio e pepe, lamb ragout and asparagus 20,00

Spaghetti al torchio, mussels, squid, bottarga and turnip greens 18,00

Mountain potato gnocchi, prawns, cuttlefish, artichokes and sweet garlic cream 18,00

Second courses

Angus Ireland steak 23,00

Rack and sirloin of lamb cooked at low temperature, its jus, seasonal vegetables 32,00

Amberjack, zucchini cream with mint, Brussels sprouts, bergamot gel and lemon crumble 28,00

Seared octopus, creamy potatoes, sautéed spinach, ponzu sauce and squid ink cips 28,00


Vanilla whipped ganache, chocolate brownie, passion fruit coulis 11,00

Vanilla crème brûlée 10,00

Ice cream 6,00

Iced citrus foam 7,00

Passion fruit ganache, salted caramel, raspberries, small meringues and cocoa crumble 11,00

Yogurt mousse, mango coulis, candied mango and chocolate 11,00