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 Beef tartare, red onion gel, green apple in osmosis, mixed salads, black sesame wafer 19,00

 Zucchini tartare, tomatoes, capers, olives and Burrata cream 14,00

 Marinated seared tuna, tomato chautney and marinated zucchini 19,00

 Roas cuttlefish, zucchini cream, green beans, crunchy new potatoes  18,00


First Courses

 Home-made Tagliatelle with ragù bolognese  16,00

 Ravioli stuffed with rabbit meat, smoked Ricotta 18,00

 Spaghetti al torchio, Adriatic clams, confit cherry tomatoes, datterini tomatoes cream and seaweed powder 19,00

Gnocchi, squid, shrimp and peas 19,00


Second courses

Irish Angus steak with Maldon salt flakes 22,00

Duck breast confit au jus, lettuce and bean sprouts 27,00

Seared octopus, tarallo mousse, spinach with ketchup sauce, Ricotta mousse 28,00

Stewed sea bass, cherry tomatoes, mussels and clams 28,00



Iced citrus foam 7,00

Vanilla crème brûlée 10,00

Chocolate parfait 8,00

Mango namelaka, candied mango, passion fruit gel, salted cocoa crumble 11,00

Structured vanilla chantilly, apricot and lime compote, puffed chocolate and apricot confit 11,00

Hazelnut cream, barley sponge, sandblasted hazelnuts, salted caramel, small meringues 11,00