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Daily Menu Ristorante Enoteca da Lucia


Red mullet bouillabaisse, tomato cream and filled aubergine 18,00

Crudités: red shrimps, amberjack sashimi, lumpfish roe and tomato powder 23,00

Mixed cured meats and cheeses - D.O.P. (Protected Designation Origin) 15,00

 Calf sweetbreads, Parmesan cheese cream and artichokes 16,00


First Courses

Home-made Spaghetti with red shrimps, mussels, sweet Nduja and friggitelli cream 15,00

Ravioli stuffed with potatoes, squids, clams and black olives soil 15,00

Homemade Tagliatelle with ragù bolognese 13,00

Bottoni pasta stuffed with Caciocavallo cheese from Castelfranco, pumpkin, walnuts and liquorice powder 15,00


Second Courses

Crispy octopus, pumpkin, Cardoncello mushrooms, squid ink chips 23,00

Seafood mixed grill with potatoes cream (red mullet, octopus, squid, red shrimp and sea bass) 28,00

Low temperature-cooked lamb ribs, glazed welsh onion and confit cherry tomato 23,00

Angus steak with Maldon salt flakes 20,00



 Zabaglione semifreddo, caramel sauce and candied almonds 7,00

Dark chocolate sphere with cacao crumble filled with hazelnut namelaka cream and hot salted caramel 9,00

Chocolate truffle with raspberry and hazelnut powder 7,00

Home-made Mascarpone foam 7,00

Yogurt foam with pear, puffed chocolate and passion fruit sauce 8,00

Homemade custard ice cream 5,00

Lemon sorbet 4,00